December 16, 2013

mim#144: heat embossing on vellum

Just a quick post to share a card that I made for Melissa’s MIM#144, heat embossing on vellum. I was so happy to see this Make It Monday because I had asked Melis to share her secrets on this technique. I just wish that I had time to make a few more cards.

I blew the entire concept of using vellum when I covered it with a Flea Market photo overlay. Even though the softness of the vellum was lost, I do like how the card turned out, especially with the gold border. The sentiment is actually stamped on the overlay; the candles are embossed on the vellum.

The last three weeks I’ve been slacking on commenting on blogs, for which I apologize. My daughter had surgery to repair a torn ligament in her ankle and has needed someone to fetch and tote for her. During that time, Brianna fell (literally) into the ‘if it can go wrong it will’ group with the latest thing being catching a brutal case of the flu during an ER visit. With her stomach settling down today, we decided to look on the positive side and agreed that it was good that she has gotten the flu out of the way and lost about five pounds in the process. It always helps to see the silver lining.