September 1, 2015

stamp-a-faire 2015 (part 2)

Here are two more cards for Papertrey Ink’s Stamp-a-faire, posting here strictly for entering the challenges. The remainder of my cards can be seen in part 1 of my SAF post.

This second card for the mix and match challenge is based on Dawn’s tutorial on mixing color. I started with a color that I don’t use often, orange zest, and paired it with some richer autumnal colors. I love how the card turned out, placing it in my top two along with the make it work card.

To me, those hexagons are colorful leaves, either still in the tree or blowing through the air. I haven’t quite decided on that yet. When you open the card, the leaves are in a pile on the ground. Do you think the recipient will see this card the same way?

As mentioned in SAF part 1, the blue version of the card for this challenge charmed me, so I decided to make another in shades of pink. I prefer the blue version, but the embossing on the pink card looks more like stitching. That might have something to do with me re-inking my VersaMark pad.

Again, thank you Papertrey for this incredible event.


stamp-a-faire 2015 (part 1)

If you’re reading this post, you probably know about Papertrey Ink’s Stamp-a-faire with its theme based on Project Runway, one of my favorite shows. I actually watch it live. Let’s jump right into my projects.

I tried to make something for the bridal challenge, but just wasn’t happy with how it was turning out. I need color! So I moved onto the patterns challenge and worked with Laurie’s sketch.

I try to send a card to my father-in-law every week or two. When I sit down to write, I usually draw a blank, so I've started keeping a list of things that happen to write about. I used that list to figure out themes for my cards, which leads us to the camping card. The card is much simpler than my usual. I added some enamel dots, then removed them, deciding to keep this card a little more masculine for Scotty.

The inside of the card with the trail of footprints from Summer Camp is actually my favorite part of this card.

My daughter and I canned peaches last week, so this next card uses Friendship Jar. I took on Danielle’s challenge of using twine and wrapped some around the jar to attach a tag. This card is really sweet and too feminine for Scotty, so I might save it for someone else and make one using graphic patterns for him. Then, again, he was married for more than 50 years to Patsy, who loved pastels and florals, so he might like something a little girly in her memory.

I made two cards for the mix and match challenge, one for Betsy’s tutorial of mixing patterns and one for Dawn’s on mixing color, which will be in the SAF post part 2. My card is based on this cheerful card. What I am most pleased about with my pattern mixing is that I used papers from different collections.

After watching Melissa’s video on using stick pins, I had a plan for my card until I saw Heather’s blue stamped and stitched card. I don’t often use blue, but I wanted to try a card in that color scheme, so I CASEd Heather’s card as much as I could without having the patterned papers or stamp set that she used. This card so charmed me – not quite as much as Heather’s – that I decided to make another in shades of pink (posted in SAF part 2). I still plan on making the stick pin card for my sister’s birthday later this month.

Next up is the runway inspired challenge and if you haven’t taken the time to look at the video of Sean Kelly’s rainway dress, please do so. He took creativity and innovation to a new level with the dress he designed.

The design team pulled so many wonderfully inspiring dresses for this challenge. My initial choice was Dawn’s look and using Garden Grace, but nixed that due to timing. My second choice was Lexi’s Venice-inspired look.

The black-striped paper is an obvious nod to the striped top. I didn’t want to use a solid block of color on the bottom of the card, so the berry sorbet grid picks up the color without the visual weight of the pants. And the floral cape is captured with the Beautiful Brushstrokes flowers. I placed them horizontally, at a slight angle, rather than vertically because I was thinking of how the outfit looked when the model first posed on the runway.

For the make it work challenge, I pulled the papers used in my failed bridal challenge from the recycling bin. As I mentioned earlier, I need color, so I added some to the card design, which made all the difference for me. Oh, that little felt heart is left over from the threads challenge. I’m really happy with this card. It’s definitely in my top two from this SAF.

Since I was in my pj’s when I shot this photograph, there was no way that I was going to be in it. Instead, here are the cards that I’ve made thus far for Stamp-a-faire 2015. I still have ideas swimming around in my head from all of the inspiration, so I’ll be making more cards over the next few weeks.

Thank you to all at Papertrey who make Stamp-a-faire such a fun and inspiring event.