March 23, 2011

52photos: week 7

The prompt for week 7 of 52Photos was up.

This photograph was taken during the time I spent with my parents last month. There were many moments when I focused on the squirrels' nests high up in the bare trees, trying to calm my worries and stop my thoughts from racing in a million - or so it seemed - directions.



Monika Wright said...

this is a great photograph, i love the way the light is coming inf rom the left and gets darker going to the right.

Margaret M said...

Hey Nancy! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Funny you should mention Quilters Addiction..I just got it and can't wait to color in all those little quilt squares! About the seam binding..I've ordered so far from but I am going to try to make my own. Have a great day! Oh and I know what you mean about the calming effect of nature...I love to watch the birds at my feeders!

BethieJ said...

Your photo is FANTASTIC!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :)
As for PIO.. that is really for piling on challenges.. how many challenges you can get in one card! So as for the bling.. I only had to add 1! LOL! but thought 3 was perfect!!! :)
Thanks again for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!!

Marybeth said...

Beautiful photo , Nancy . I don't know if I would have know the nest were for squirrels. I would have thought birds. Learn something everyday. Thanks for your comments on my sister card. The towel was from another sister after Maryellen died.