January 13, 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks

I could type a lot of words to explain the 52Photos project, but it would be best just to read about it in Monika’s words.

Participating in that project required next to no pondering on my part. What a change. All I needed to do was look at a few of my photos and I knew that this could only help. Plus Monika has some fun ideas (I know this one was Lisa’s, but I don’t know her, so I’m giving Monika the credit.), so I thought, “Why not?”

The first prompt was to take a photograph of whatever you were doing at 8:11p.m. on January 1. (Nothing nasty, please. Or at least don’t share that.) My photo is a screen shot taken while I was setting up my blog.

The second prompt, just completed, was independence. Yikes. How to capture independence? A slideshow of ideas went through my mind, but none that I could capture in a single photograph. Then when I was doing something in the basement (You know the drill. It was either laundry or putting groceries away or one of a million possible things.), I noticed my crutches leaning against the wall between some storage containers and luggage. They would be the perfect symbol of independence or lack thereof. When I had my knee surgery last year, I hated being dependent on others for medicine, food, transport. More than that, I really hated being dependent on those crutches for standing or walking. And they hurt. I was joyous when they physical therapist told me to stop using them. Even though I was moving slowly, I felt I was myself again independent of those crutches.

This week’s prompt is evening. What I’ve already learned, after only two weeks, is that the photo presents itself to me. Now let’s hope that I also learn how to take a better picture. My mom always told me that practice makes perfect. Isn’t she a wise woman?

I’m still debating setting up a minibook with a little journaling to supplement the photographs. I thought I should see if I last more than a month before making a decision though. 52 weeks is a long time… at least at the start of it.

Want to join in the fun?


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Monika Wright said...

Super job! I think you'll make it all 52 weeks and I think a journal with your photo on one side and your journaling on the other would be awesome. Or you could just use your blog posts as a weekly page!