January 6, 2011

tutu or 22

If you visit my blog, you’ll get to know my daughter, Brianna. There are three reasons for this. The first is that Brianna is my life; I love being a mom. The second is that the cards I make for her are my favorites. I can be creative, add lots of layers, and experiment with color on her cards. And the third reason is that I love stories – preferably hearing/reading others – and there is usually a story behind any card that I make for Brianna. So if I post a card that I made for Brianna, you’ll get a story. Of course, you may skip over it if you’d like.

Brianna is a video arts major and produces at least one project each term. For Spring 2010, the main character in her video Amber in the Hood wore a tulle skirt that Brianna made.

I thought it would be great fun to work that tulle into a card. By the time I came up with a plan, the term was over and I gave up on that card. Brianna’s project for Fall 2010 included dancers (Think Thin – you can watch it here. When she wins her Academy Award, you can say, “I remember Brianna and her video with that incredible multi-channel dance sequence. I wonder whatever happened to her mom? She used to make cards.”). I decided to resurrect my Amber card idea since, with a few adjustments, it would transition between the two films, using Amber’s tulle skirt and a dance costume.

I was really happy with how that card turned out and apparently so was Brianna because on Tuesday, she asked me to make a version of it for her friend Amanda, who turns 22 today. Amanda is a dancer with exquisite movement. Her legs look like they start at her armpits and, when she is en pointe, they look even longer. And Amanda likes purple. So in honor of Amanda turning 22, a tutu.

Happy birthday, Amanda!



Kara said...

wow!! how cute!

Janelle said...

Really adorable, Nancy!

Sue Plote said...

I have made these, too, Nancy Jane! They are soooo cute! You've done a great job with them, and HB to your darling Amanda!

Debbie Gaydos said...

Oh, how sweet is that! Very cute, and so nicely "themed"!

Jill said...

These are so special, Nancy! I'm sure your daughter's friend will be just as thrilled with hers as your daughter was!

Sylvia said...

Super cute cards, a work of love and art! I made my granddaughter(two yr) a tu tu for Christmas, never again! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving sweet comments!